Mouse Up was founded in 1990 by Stefan Schütt
The company was initially started as a training company. Main applications where FileMaker® Pro, QuarkXpress, MS Excel, MS Word, Letraset Ready-Set-Go, Letraset Design Studio.

Before founding the company, Stefan Schütt has made FileMaker solutions for customers since 1989, using FileMaker II.

Stefan’s first database development experience comes from the mid 1980’s when working for the Finnish Sugar Company as an information specialist, participating in the development of a database for the patents of the company.

By 1994 developing FileMaker® databases for various companies became the main business. In 1994 Mouse Up became a member of the developer community, then called CSA (Claris Solutions Alliance). In 2020 FileMake Inc changed its name to Claris International Inc. and a member of the Claris Partner program is called Claris Partner (CP).

Company info:
Mouse Up Oy
Contact Person: Stefan Schütt
Telephone: +358405581333
VAT no. FI10484942
Location: Hämeenkyrö, Finland
Working area: Finland
Business hours: Negotiable

Company values:
We are strong on long-term relations with our customers. The oldest customers, currently with us, have been using Mouse Up solutions since 1992. With one customer the provider-customer relationship spans over two generations.

We create tailored solutions for our customers, but have also helped customers improve in-house developed solutions.

Area of business:
During the years solutions for many types of businesses have been developed: Banking, Hospital, Non-profit organisations, Veterinary laboratories, Hotels, Call center etc.

Businesses are in the range of small to midsize. In larger companies the solutions have been for workgroups.

Most of our solutions are involved in invoicing, especially automated mass-invoicing. One solution created over 50 thousand invoices in one go.

We have also created solutions that link to other solutions. Eg. Invoicing in the Claris FileMaker® database to an accounting system. Most accounting systems in Finland have been used.

Connections to Internet sites have also been developed.Examples are Drupal, and MySQL databases in websites.

Examples of projects:

Nordic Development Fund (NDF) uses Claris FileMaker® Pro for its project financial management. NDF is stationed in Helsinki, Finland.

Idexx Finland (prev. Vetlab Oy) is a veterinary laboratory that uses Claris FileMaker® Pro to manage it’s business. Gathering orders from and send results to the major Veterinary applications used in Finland, ProVet and Klini-Q (which is run on the FileMaker platform), sending tests to the LIMS and gather the results. All reports to HQ are sent automatically via FTP. HQ is also tapping into the databases via ODBC. Invoices are sent to invoicing companies via FTP in XML.

This solution was first built in 1992 and was re-written in 2008. The present version is running on FileMaker® Pro 14 and 15.

FileMaker® Pro versions in use:
Mouse Up has developed databases using versions from FileMaker II. All versions of FileMaker® Pro and Claris FileMaker Pro®  up until version 19.

We have also developed for Claris FileMaker® Go, Claris, Claris FileMaker® Server.